Wearing a great bra reflects everything you are, and everything you can be… flirty , sexy, supportive and confident.  The right bra will do that!

We know that a bra needs to be supportive.  We search and search for it, sometimes our whole lives.  We think something is wrong with us when nothing fits.  Frustrating.
It doesn’t matter what size you are, you can have a bra that supports you, and expresses your unique personality and fashion taste.
At Bliss Bras, bra shopping is different…we take the time to understand what you’re looking for.  With a huge selection of styles from leading European brands, we know you will be supported, smiling and confident in your new bra.



Kelli, Marley, Trudy and I welcome you to Bliss Bras.

In a relaxed and luxurious boutique, we invite you to experience lingerie from Europe’s best brands and specialty sizing.  You will be spoiled for choice, feeling confident and looking good in your new bra.
As experienced bra fitters, we know it’s not always about the number on the tape measure and silly bra math.  It’s about the best fitting bra for you.  After selecting the style that you prefer to wear, we will guide you through the fitting process, explaining what we are looking for in your fit.  It’s important that your bra feels comfortable to you.

Consider us as your personal shoppers. You’ll be all smiles in your new bra.

My name is Tonilee, welcome to Bliss Bras.

I believe that your bra can be comfortable, supportive and stylish… fit your lifestyle… fit your needs… fit your body.  Quality well fitting bras are for every woman regardless of shape, size, or age.
As an experienced custom bra maker and trained to fit European bras, I know what fabrics and styles work, and what will work for you.  I hand select bras from leading European brands, beautifully designed with quality fabrics and the latest in fit technology.
I want you to experience the bliss of wearing the right bra so you look and feel your best every day.
Bliss Bras has your complete bra wardrobe… support and comfort bras, beautiful lace sets, wirefree, nursing and sport bras.  With extensive sizing in a wide variety of styles and with experienced fitting advice, come in and we will help you find your ideal bra.
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720 Upper James Street
Hamilton, Ontario
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Phone: (289)-755-3345

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